Ultra Violet (Warhol Collection) – Mineral Eyeshadow by BadBitchCosmetics

< p class=" price "> 4,00 USD Now, when it concerns the bad-ass of the group, that bitch has actually just got to be Ultra Violet. No one enjoys a scandal within the social bubble like Ultra Violet. She took that 15 minutes of fame and RAN with it – all the way from her days (and nights) with Salvador Dalí to Max’s Kansas City to the Factory, stirring the pot the whole time.

Ultra Violet is a really intense shadow, like it’s namesake. It’s a matte violet base, magnified with medium shimmer blue tones. It is ultra, ultra violet.

* Keep in mind * The last image is of our things of inspiration, not a design shot of our item. & Lt; & Lt; 3

This listing consists of one 5 gram jar with a sifter and is filled with 1 gram of mineral eyeshadow. This is a terrific size since although it’s small and charming, it goes such a long method and it simple to store. There is eye shadow primer, hindering medium, and starter brushes readily available here in the BBC store making help you get the appearance you desire from your BBC mineral makeup!

Mineral Makeup is a truly flexible cosmetic medium! In case you’re new to all this, here are some concepts for you:

< br/ >< br/ >-A damp strategy, called foiling, can be used to produce a really bold color and really strong line. This is commonly done as eye liner, and looks great

-. They can be used over nail polish, clear or otherwise, to produce a really complicated look that is not easily duplicated. This is especially excellent with pigments heavy with glitter

< br/ > -. Mix with your clear lip gloss or apply over (press on top of) lip balm to obtain a lip look that’s intense and cool as hell
< br./ > – Utilize your eye liner as a base and apply mineral pigment over it to obtain a deep double color and undertone/ overtone appearance

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