VACATION SALE Raw Brass Chain 2.1mm, Soldered Cable Chain, Wholesale Chain, Chain by the Spool, Brass Chain Bulk – 1 Spool- 32 Feet – 10 Met by WillowBaySupply

12,60 USD Raw brass chain. This charming cable television chain is raw brass. Raw brass is consisted of copper and zinc, the pigmentation of brass chain will vary based upon the amount these metals used. This particular chain is a golden (brass color) with a tip of coppery red. We use this chain in our other shop & it antiques magnificently! (See 5th picture for color contrast- we oxidize it with liver of sulfur).

This listing is for one spool (32 feet/ 10 meters) of the soldered cable chain with little links appx. (2.1 x 2.7 mm).

< br/ > * This chain is lead free.

< br/ > *** Note you will be getting the raw brass chain, not the antiqued chain in the 5th photo ***

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