Vegan Thai Red Coconut Curry

Recipe for a delicious curry that’s oh-so-good for the body and soul!

You may think it’s too warm for curry. I completely disagree. The spring/summer farmers’ markets are popping up all around me, and on late work nights when I don’t feel like firing up the grill, this easy recipe has me using all those colorful veggies up in one pot, for a quick and healthy dinner.

It was 75 degrees last night, and I found myself inhaling a bowl of spicy curry. Don’t knock it til’ you try it! This stuff is good for the soul.

Vegan Thai Red Coconut Curry


1 tbsp organic coconut oil

2 tbsp (or more!) red curry paste

2 tbsp red chili sauce

4-5 green onions white and pale green parts and dark green parts, divided

4 garlic cloves (or more!) minced

1 inch fresh ginger

2 cups organic vegetable stock *I use low sodium

1 can organic coconut milk

1 whoppin’ scoop of coconut cream *optional, but recommended

6 cups mixed summer vegetables

1 sweet potato *optional, but I love how it adds some extra “meat” to the dish

2 sprigs fresh basil

1 pinch of tumeric + red pepper flakes



Dark green onion



First things first, let’s chop things up. Wash your veggies, and start dicing, mincing, and slicing. This means green onions, garlic, ginger, and all the other colorful veggies you bought. Set aside.

Heat coconut oil in large pan or wok over medium heat. Add curry paste and chili sauce and cook while stirring for about 1 minute. Add white part of green onions, minced garlic, and fresh ginger. *INHALE* Smell that goodness? Yeah, I know. Keep that mixture cookin’ for about 3 minutes, and reduce heat to prevent browning.

Bump up the heat to medium and add vegetables. You can be as creative as you want here. It’s warm out, and the markets are full of fresh, colorful, flavor-filled vegetables. This is your *meat*, so load up as much as you’d like! Cook for about 4 minutes, then add vegetable broth and coconut milk. Bring to simmer. *I love to add a scoop of the coconut cream that is on top of the milk. This is optional, but recommended. It adds a thick, creamy factor to the curry.

Toss in some seasonings to kick it up a bit. This includes salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, and for me, turmeric – I love the flavor it adds, and how it brightens up the dish while adding a bunch of nutritious value.

Woohoo, you’re done! That took like, no time, right? Dish a generous amount into a bowl, and garnish with handfuls of fresh greens such as cilantro, basil, and dark green onions. Squeeze a lime on top for a punch of citrus.

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