Velvet Hobo Purse from Log Cabin Quilt Top with D Handles – Vintage Red Green Blue Jewel Tone Handmade Retro Handbag – Ready to Ship by spongetta

98,00 USD

I found this mini velour log cabin quilt top at an auction and restored the excellent parts for this beloved hobo bag with a vintage plastic manages. Vintage and lovely, this one of a kind handbag that compliments the most modern-day of clothing.

A hand pieced velvet patchwork drapes over 2 tortoise acrylic rings and is lined in a plaid taffeta. Just huge enough for daily with one interior patch pocket. The rings hold together as you carry and fall open for gain access to.

The body procedures around 13 “by 7” (38 by 19 cm) with 6 “(13 cm) wood deals with. Area clean. This is a special edition bag and will certainly never be duplicated.

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