Vintage 1935 Lucky Strike magazine ad – Penhryn Stanlaws illustration – Old Hollywood by wonderdiva

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Vintage Lucky Strike publication ad from 1933, showcasing the artwork of noted publication illustrator Penhryn Stanlaws. The ad portrays glam blonde in a slinky black dress and a red wrap taking pleasure in a Lucky Strike. The ad promotes & quot; & quot; Mildness and Character & quot; & quot; and & quot;

It’s toasted. & quot; Penhryn Stanlaws was popular for his representations of beautiful ladies for publication covers and advertisements, and in the 1930’s, Lucky Strike ran an lot of advertisements illustrating beautiful people enjoying their smokes. This advertisement is printed on a thicker paper, and was most likely the back cover of a magazine, as the flip side of this ad is a Burpee’s nursery advertisement featuring brand-new flowers for the 1933 growing season.

This advertisement has a variety of tack holes around the top from being rather thoughtlessly tacked as much as the wall throughout the years. There is also a defect in the area near the woman’s best shoulder and some staining around the top. This page had some cardboard behind it to assist support it, but the cardboard is clearly not connected The tack hole defects might be somewhat obscured of white foam core backing was made use of to back the picture in a frame.

A terrific little vintage advertising, it would be cool in a man cave, or in a retro, art-deco style room However then, hot golden-haireds in slinky black gowns match any decor style.

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