Vintage Bib Crescent Moon Necklaces, Small Necklace Set, Enamel Collar Necklace Choker Cloisonne, Two Layered Necklace Set by FreshyFig

< img src =""border="0 "width="570"height="429"/ > 34,50 USD< p class="description" > An unique vintage pairing of mini vibrant floral cloisonné enamel pendants. The smaller having pink and red flowers on a white background and the larger having pink and red flowers on a black background. These pendants are from the 1960s but have actually not been used. The larger bib is photoed on a 16 & quot; & quot; chain in picture # 2, the pair is photoed on 15 & quot; & quot; and 16 & quot; chains in picture # 3 and then the smaller bib is on a 14 & quot; & quot; chain in photo # 5.

The larger steps a little 1 1/3 & quot; throughout and the smaller sized is about 1 & quot; & quot; throughout. Pendants are classic with enamel and gold plating. Chain and all parts are high quality 14kt gold filled

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