Vintage Button Lot Candy Milk Chocolate Sweet Design Round flat shape 12 mix color assorted assortment 24 mixed pieces pack collection set by ByJuliet

4,50 USD

Vintage button lot assorted mixed color candy milk and chocolate sweet in colorful scheme of M & M sweets collection.

1 great deal of 12 colors round pearlescent milk and chocolate candy button, 2 pieces per color for a total of 24 pieces in new, never utilized, seldom seen and among the kind.

1) Caramel
2) Toffee
3) Almond
4) Hazel Nut
5) Green Apple
6) Green Melon
7) 8 Berry
) Pink Cherry
9) Raspberry
10) Strawberry
11) Orange
12) Lemon

The button is around steps at 6/8 inches (1.8 cm) in size and come with a flat design and hole in the middle.

Make handmade OOAK fashion art and craft sewing tasks, altered couture, dress embellishments, dolls costume, applique bow, bag decoration, needlework, bouquet, brooch, hair fascinator, precious jewelry accessories, scrapbooking, card making, combined media, ephemera collage, gift wrapping as well as home décor.

The background is for illustration and improving the beauty of the product only and is not included.

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