Vintage Cameo Locket Pendant White Psyche on Black Set in Brass Metal with Faux Pearls by heresthething

60,00 USD Vintage pendant locket.

Unmarked. Back opens to hold a momento. & quot; & quot; Metal measures a 1 1/2 & quot; tall and a 1 1/2 & quot; throughout. Cameo on black measures about a 1 1/8 & quot; by the 7/8 & quot;

& quot; Prong set. I think the image is Psyche, bride of Cupid. I do not know what she is made from and I’m not even going to guess! I am no jewelry professional but the black appearances like glass. The brass metal has a black wash over it. The setting is surrounded by tiny seed beads on a wire that is glued around the edge. The glue is old and a bit untidy.

< br/ > A lovely piece, offered as is! Signs of age and use.

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