Vintage Christmas Santas Black and White and Teal Glass Ornament Stocking for the Holiday Season- Elf Curled Toe- Ready to Ship by downstairsDesigns

35,00 USD

This prepared to deliver stocking is revealed in the very first image only.

These beloved stockings will provide you vacation joy throughout the season! Made from quality quilting cotton, they are fully lined and have natural cotton batting inside.

These stockings, made from my own design and pattern, developed from a love of elves’ shoes and their curly little toes. It took many drafts to find the perfect toe, and I think I did it! To be sure the valuable toe is constantly looking its best, I stop the lining inside short about 3 inches, so nothing will disrupt the curl (or get lost in there!)

This variation is made from a beloved print on the outdoors, revealing sweet little vintage Santas. The lining, which is seen on the turned cuff, is an enjoyable teal glass accessories print. Enjoyable red tassels for trim and an extremely safe loop for hanging total the picture.

All fabrics are 100 % cotton, and pre-washed before usage to make sure the very best outcomes. Kindly convo me if you would like added stockings made to match or collaborate. I likewise have hundreds of prints to pick from if you are searching for color to match your decor- customized orders are always welcome!

Each stocking was cut and sewn by myself, so slight variations will exist. In general, each procedures:

Top of stocking to floor – 15 inches
Width at top of cuff- 6 inches
Hanging strap- 4 inches
Cuff to end of indoor lining- 13.5 inches

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