Vintage EARTHY BOHO Mexican BLANKET/ Beige and Green by orangedoorvintage

38,00 USD FACT AND FICTION: TRUTH: I expect this hand woven blanket was made in Mexico, but the style is what I have actually constantly called “”Indian”, and is simply the ideal ethnic type accessory for modern-day day designing.
The blanket has actually been well utilized however is clean and totally free of spots, holes or snags. It has actually been utilized but has been cleaned and is soft. I enjoy the colors: leaf green, grey, and warm honey beige. A best earthy Bohemian accent for your house.
” FICTION: Rosita felt undetectable when she pulled the soft blanket up and over her eyes. All of a sudden, all the sound and the fear were workable. She was on the beach riding her pony Lucy, and she was safe.

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