Vintage Fireman’s All Weather Jacket Briggs Ltd Providence. Size XL Heavy canvas, leather, yellow, removable waterproof flanel lining by LILYDEVINE

150,00 USD Here is a wonderful Firefighter’s coat made by Briggs Ltd of Providence. This company has beened around for 75 years, since 1941. It is well understood for it’s pricey however high quality men’s clothing, much of it customized made for it’s customers. And this jacket is no exception. It was clearly implied to last a lifetime. Actually, SEVERAL lifetimes

< br/ > This is a very heavy cotton duck canvas jacket that I purchased from a Kittery, Maine firefighter (well, his mother actually I think she was & quot;& quot;!. Assisting & quot; to clean out his stuff. Unsure he was so happy about that sale!) It’s from the early 1980’s and has actually barely ever been worn.
There are a lot of fantastic features on this jacket and it is exceptionally well made with a lot interest to information, as is all Briggs clothes.

The external jacket is a very heavy cotton duck (canvas) in yellow. It’s closures are both snaps and standard Hook and Eye clasps. Each of these clasps are backed with heavy suede for strength (see pictures # 4 & 5) Each sleeve is edged in this exact same thick suede (pic # 5) The lower sleeve likewise had a ribbed cuff so nothing will be going up the sleeves (snow, stimulates, rain etc) The sleeves are set in & quot; & quot; Raglan & quot; design for comfort. The back of the sleeves likewise have gussets that enable totally free motion and avoid the coat from being too tight throughout the back if you put both arms out in front of you. (Like when you shovel snow, slice wood, rescue kittycats from trees … you understand, all that manly, fireman stuff)
The collar is a soft, wide-wail corduroy in cream. (The heavy canvas could be a bit rough on the neck and the corduroy is so good and soft. See? Information!) See pic # 1

The flannel lining, which is used the Dress Stewart Tartan print, is not just totally detachable however is also backed with a waterproof vinyl so it can keep you warm AND dry! This liner is also completely edged all around with a green binding which keeps the vinyl from fraying and the 2 layers aligned properly. It likewise looks actually nice and is an included detail utilized on quality coats. You simply do not see this too frequently.
< br/ > * A fascinating truth about the Dress Stewart Tartan … The Stewart Tartan’s motto is & quot; & quot; Virecit Vulnere Virtus & quot; & quot; from Latin: & quot; Nerve grows strong at an injury & quot;& quot;. Really suitable for a fireman, would not you state?
Tartan is a cloth woven with stripes of various colors and widths, worn by the Scottish Highlanders, each clan having its own distinctive plaid. This pattern being of Clan Stewart from the Highlands clan in Scotland.

< br/ > So as you can see, this is an extremely special jacket! It was developed to last and with appropriate care, might quickly last 100 years. So if you understand somebody who does a lot of work outdoors or if you love classic, well made clothing, well this would be the present to give them!! I’ve looked on Etsy, Ebay and numerous other sites and I have actually not found anything even remotely near to this condition or quality. And exactly what was out there was either in quite rough condition, very filthy and worn or made by Ralph Lauren. And those were not lined, they were more costly than this genuine one (about $ 275) and Made in CHINA. Sorry Ralphy … yours just do not suffice.
Offer me the REAL stuff that will last and is made right here in the great ol ‘US of A!!

So here’s a run down of the measurements …

Size: XL
Sleeve length: 25 & quot;

& quot;

< br/ > Across shoulders: 25 & quot; < br/ > Chest: 54 & quot;

Length from back of neck to coat bottom: 38 & quot; There are no rips, heavy wear, broken or tearing closures or other flaws that I can see in this coat. It is what I would think about & quot; & quot; Exceptional classic condition & quot; & quot; given that it reveals indications of little wear or aging. But please, if you have ANY questions, don’t hesitate to ask.
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