Vintage Kitchen Utensil Collection. Five Pieces. Bakelite Wood Spatula Chopper Tomato Slicer 1930 – 1940 depression WWII by LILYDEVINE

16,00 USD

I have long had a fascination with the 1940’s, well …. & quot; stuff & quot ;. I love it all but the kitchen stuff, mainly the RED kitchen stuff has always caught my eye.
But after decades of collecting this stuff, and clearly making no effort to stop any time soon, I must occasionally weed out this stuff …. to make room for new stuff 🙂
It’s an obsession. An addiction, if you will. But hey, I could be doing worse things.

So here are FIVE pieces from my collection. A spatula / serving spoon set (painted wood handle) A veggie mincer, wood handle. A Red Bakelite Angel food Cake Slicer and a Tomato Slicer, wooden handle

The paint is chipped from the wooden ones but that never bothered me much. I just like the look of them. Even for display 🙂

These are authentic items from 75+ years ago so do expect some wear. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask:)

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