Vintage Large Cutwork Embroidered Tablecloth, Tablecloth, Napkins, Banquet Tablecloth, Unused Tablecloth, Madeira, by gizmos

75,00 USD

Beautiful, extra large sized appx. 104 & quot; & quot; x 60 & quot; table linen with 12 -15 & quot; & quot; x 16 & quot; napkins. I believe this set to be linen or a linen blend with a quality feel. This table linen may not have been made use of, the napkins are still connected together with the original thread. This is from an estate sale I recently attended, and had actually been in storage. There are no labels, so I doubt of maker. Great deals of cutwork, embroidered edges and satin stitching. Good Art Nouveau design. Although the set does not appear to have actually been used, I do see some small faint areas on the napkins, which had actually to have actually happened while being stored. There is one interior napkin that has a darker area, which I have shown in an image. I do not think the areas are on all the napkins. Due to the fact that the napkins are connected together with the original thread, I have not tried to wash them. I have had exceptional outcomes with OXY. Otherwise outstanding condition.

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