Vintage Rock Band Inspired Wool Hat Cap Toque Green for man or woman Super Soft Acrylic or 100% Wool 1970’s by StellasKnits

30,00 USD

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Motivated by the hat used by that well-known rocker of the 1970’s!

9-1/ 2 & quot; & quot;(24.13 cm )long from the top of the hat to the bottom edge
Stretches18 & quot; & quot; up to 23 & quot;(45.7 cm -58.4 cm) and will fit most head sizes

The hat will pull down over your ears without a brim folded and sit a little above your ears as pictured above with the brim folded.

PLEASE NOTE: This hat is created to fit comfortably ABOVE your ears as displayed in the very first photo when folded with a brim. My mannequin’s head is a little on the smallish side and this hat is designed to fit like the one on my live design.

An unique thanks to Rod of the band “Les P’tits Bonzhommes” for enthusiastically participating as my live model (a bit various yarn but shows the fit). Make sure to catch a program if you’re in or around Montreal, Canada.

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