Vintage Seed Beads Translucent Dusty Rose Pink 75 & quot; Total – Size 12/0 by beadbrats

10,00 USD

This lot of special vintage seed beads consists of 3 – 25 & quot; & quot; strands for a total of about 75 & quot; & quot; of beads. The beads will certainly be eliminated from the belt / necklace shown and will be a mix of strung & loose beads. The strung beads might not have actually tied ends. It is not uncommon for these pieces to have lost strands over years of use so we are not substantially changing the stability of the piece. The bead widths differ from approx. 1.70 mm – 1.90 mm making them size 12/0 or 12º

These antique or vintage glass seed beads were strung into belts / necklaces and made use of and used in Africa by the Fulani and Tutsi individuals. Each listing includes overall pictures and a close up. The close up photo includes a mm gauge which will show the specific measurements of the beads. This picture is also the most accurate for color. We attempt to reveal the colors as precisely as possible however kindly keep in mind that not all colors replicate correctly and computer system displays vary and show colors in a different way. Although these pieces were made use of and sold Africa the beads are European in origin, potentially Italian or Czech.

You will certainly not receive the entire piece revealed – you will certainly get 3 strands of beads removed from it.

We have been collecting these for numerous years and still have a huge collection of tough to discover colors and sizes. These collectible pieces include numerous special and beautiful old European seed beads.

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