Vintage Traditional Costume Doll – Black Forest – Germany – Europe by P8iosities

10,00 EUR

A lovely vintage doll wearing the standard costume of Gutachtal in the Black Forest in Germany. I think the doll is from the eighties. Her body, arms and legs are made from fabric, her head is made from porcelain, and she is 16.5 cm (6 1/2 inches) high; she is in a very good condition.
The costume from Gutach is popular for its straw hat with the big red woollen pompoms. The colour red means that she is an unmarried lady; married ladies use the exact same hat with black woollen pompoms. The red decor around the neck is called a koller. Normal for the entire Black Forest are the lovely white blouses of the females.
The last pic reveals a postcard with a couple from Gutachtal; this postcard is not consisted of in this sales.

All dolls come from my own standard costume collection; because of space lack, I offer parts of it here on Etsy.

Payment can be done by Paypal and within the EU also by direct bank transfer. Information on demand.

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