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17,00 USD Elephant Blowing Hearts Galaxy S3, S4, S5 Case

How is it made? Your case starts with a high quality plastic frame. An inset metal plate is then sublimated with the high-temperature ink graphics, and used to the frame. This indicates your design is permanently embedded onto your case, unlike a sticker label or something that can peel off. These cases are scratch-resistant, durable, and made with care

The fall menu & quot;& quot;. Case Model & Color & quot; shows all the available options for your case. Color refers to the color of the case frame, or edges of the case, not the Galaxy phone’s color. The images show the examples of the frame colors readily available.

< br/ > Custom monogram or name readily available on request.

We love what we do. That suggests you can expect quality work. We would not be satisfied with less. Thank you for looking

Handcrafted in the USA

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