Weekend Getaways: White Sands

Weekend Getaways: White Sands

There’s a gradient of colors in view. A bottom layer tan, followed by white, then blue sky. The desert goes on forever…

Rolling dunes rest quietly underneath clouds that float above. Their shadows play a game of tag on the sand, and you chase them, leaving footprints behind with every step.

Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico…these are only but a few of the places that hold deserts and white sand in their hands. It’s a place for the adventure seeker to escape, and we all have a little bit of that inside of us, right?

Before the chill arrives, head to the West. Hike up dunes, stroll the desert and camp under stars. It’s another world out there…

1) LA Livin 90210 Muscle Tank

2) Sweat It Slim Jogger

3) Evertte Slouch Boot

4) Reversible Vegan Crossbody

5) Third Eye Circlet

6) Metal Upper Arm Band

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