Western Cattle in Storm, US Postage Stamp, Artwork, Etching by RAVENSTAMPS

45,00 USD

Philatelic Art
OWN AN ORIGINAL. “1898 Trans-Mississippi $ 1 Western Cattle in Storm
(as in Scott # 292) INTAGLIO ETCHING PRINT


This is NOT a stamp, it is a print. This real stamp is a rare gem, remarkable in it’s simpleness and splendid in it’s engraving. I invested along time working on this print and considerable time looking at the original painting by J. McWhiter & quot; & quot; The Lead & quot;. His version portrays the lead bull with cautious dignity, something I have actually attempted to regain in this print.

This product is an original handmade art work, part of a series where I redraw Timeless stamps as closely in style and rendering as possible.

1. All these prints are intaglios like the timeless stamps. (not offset or digital automation!)
2. I produce 8 inch x 10 inch etching plates, printing them in similar color as the originals and after that cut these prints to mimic the perforations or imperforations as required.
3. All printing plates are hand drawn, and hand printed.
4. Each print is original and takes about one hour to print.
5. This is a signed restricted edition print of these images as “mint”. Edition of 100 signed and dated
6. Image size 6 inches by 10 inches

I am an artist, printmaker and stamp collector. I teach Intaglio Printmaking, Illustration, Painting and Art History at a College in Florida. Stamps are among the factors I became an artist and printmaker. As a youngster, looking at minuet stamp images delighted me, motivated me, and sparked my interest in the etching procedure. I have won awards in regional, nationwide, and worldwide competitors and have actually had programs in the US, Canada, Russia, Hong Kong and Uruguay. My work is likewise consist of in four Gallery Collections.

These prints will certainly be customizeded and will certainly be delivered in flat in cardboard. These are not framed or matted. If you are interested kindly contact me.

If you are buying my etchings of Unusual US Stamps, kindly read my description. I when sold these prints on ebay.com but I made use of to get greedy purchasers who believed they were getting the actual rare stamp worth countless dollars and paying $ 50-65. My descriptions plainly said that this is NOT a stamp. The buyers never ever read my description but had the nerve to get upset at me.
I stopped offering these on ebay.com because of people like that. Well, obviously there are people on Etsy like those on ebay.com. If you think you are purchasing an uncommon stamp worth hundreds of thousands of dollars for $ 50, you are incorrect. THESE ARE ETCHINGS OF FAMOUS STAMPS. Each is hand drawn and hand printed.
I will certainly not reimburse anybody who does not read my comprehensive descriptions and my e-mails.

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