Whimsical Art Print / Reduced Price / Matted / Children’s Decor / Nursery Art / Archival / Fanciful / Joyous by LisaKaser

35,00 USD

& quot; & quot; Taking care of Those Who Jump For Joy & quot;

& quot; Somebody needs to keep an eye out for those who can not include their happiness, and why must they ?! Beatrice offers epsom soaks for feet, collects shoes, eye glasses and hats that have been flung in exuberance.

11 x 14 matted archival print from an original watercolor collage illustration. Image size is 7 x 9 inches. Entitled and signed with artist bio. Confined in a protective naturally degradable cellophane sleeve with a recycled acid complimentary backboard. All purchases are carefully covered in recycled paper.

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