White Tea and Ginger – Roll On Perfume/Fragrance Oil by Taromas

7,00 USD

White tea and Ginger: This Unisex scent is Fresh & Clean.About T-aroma '
s item: Our.35 oz glass roll on
bottle of your favorite fragrance/ fragrance is packaged for on-the-go. A rolling scent makes it much easier to use and handle the amount of fragrance you use at a time. Travel in your handbag or pocket.Ideal for: This is for those who want an extremely aromatic perfume that ' s both simple to apply and lasting. Ways to use it: Roll lightly over pulse points of neck and wrists.Choose from these scent oils: * Patchouli * Spa

* Pink Sugar * Coconut * Tobacco Flower * Chocolate * Lavender * Sweet Orange Chili Pepper * Plumeria Arrangement * White tea and Ginger * Vanilla Delight * Sugary food Pleasures * Nag Champa * Asian Pear Lily * Cedarwood Amber
* Black Tea * White Amber & Ginger * Black Cherry & Pomegranate * Midnight Summertime Ingredients: Fractionated Coconut oil, Lavender essential oil.If you would like more than one kindly call us so we can either enhance the amount or make a reserved custom listing.Wholesale & Bulk Rates Available. Можно приобрести на Etsy за Taromas