Who’s That Guy? Meet Nick Fouquet + An Exclusive Video

See Morocco through the eyes of artist and model, Nick Fouquet, as he shares his personal travel journal. 

There are few people in life that shine…like, really shine. You know, the kind of people that radiate light and positivity. Nick Fouquet is one of those rarities. The first time I met Nick, we were on a shoot in Southern California for Kassia Surf wetsuits — smiles and surf abounding. The last time, we were a world away, on the tightly packed walk streets of Chefchaouen, Morocco. Still, after a late-night arrival and 20 hours of travel, Nick was smiling…inexhaustibly.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, Nick is gracing the pages of this month’s new catalog, alongside models Hana Jirickova and Marine Deleeuw. He more than holds his ground with these two beauties, as he drives a motorbike over the cracked floor of the Sahara desert, leads a camel over the infinite crests of sand dunes, and endlessly explores the rooftops and medinas of the Blue City. Though he’s been modeling for awhile now, he has poured his heart into his art — his self-named hat business — for the last five years. A true craftsman and artist, Nick lives an authentic life, one that finds inspiration through traveling, nature and films. “Travel is the hugest inspiration for me. I’m so humbled when I travel — my eye wanders and my brain works overtime to take things in. I LOVE to travel and see the world…the new experiences, my imagination running totally free, the feeling of having no limitations…local food, local faces.” As an avid traveler myself, all I can do is nod my head in agreement. Which is exactly why we asked him to tell us what HE loved most about our trip. Keep reading to get a glimpse of Morocco through Nick’s eyes — what he photographed and what he journaled while on the road. And scroll a little further for an exclusive interview with the man himself.

“When you really find Morocco, it’s in so many ways an inward spiritual journey, spiced with beautiful geometric shapes and vibrant colors against the back drop of early earth. Jostling street vendors selling Berber rugs, mint, and oil paintings resembling a far off psychedelic land that is Morocco. Traveling through the vast geological landscape, you traverse from desert to mountains to oceans thru long distances of winding roads to reach a spiritual mecca each time that takes your breath away. Rolling sand dunes hidden in the distance, to a blue emerald city of Chefchaouen you’re entranced with the architecture, colors and sounds of Morocco. A sense of relief washes over you when you realize the sheer beauty in this world, by looking at young Berber goat herders climbing mountains, and the endless sand dunes of the desert, while the wind whispers softly…this is my Morocco.”  – Nick Fouquet

Where are you from originally, and where do you live now?

That’s a complex question…I was born in NYC but grew up in Paris and the southwest of France til 8, then we moved to Florida, and then I got sent away to school in Connecticut. I presently live in Venice, California, which is officially home.

What kind of kid were you growing up?

I was super shy and sensitive. Hahaha, I still am.

Have you always been a creative type?

Not at all…I was always envious of my sisters’ artistic talents. I have 5 sisters and they’re musicians, actresses, writers, etc…I was a late bloomer, for sure. I was a lost soul but always had an affinity for clothing, even at a young age, altering my dad’s clothing…I was always a bit of a closet poet, I guess.

Where do you find inspiration for your craft?

I find inspiration in so many different avenues; to be honest, homeless people are an inspiration. They always create the best outfits with the clothing they find, usually distressed and worn-in, naturally. Otis Redding and Keith Richards are big inspirations.

So what’s a typical day look like for you?

Wake up, drink a big glass of water, brush my teeth, wash my face, walk down to the beach and meditate for 10-20 minutes…that’s my morning.

If you’re not working, you are…

Trying to find waves or sleeping.

And your favorite places to travel are…

Morocco, Nepal, Peru.

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Cerebral, dreamer, adventurer.

And how would your friends describe you in three words?

ADD, kind, passionate.

What would the soundtrack to your life be?

Otis Redding, The Divine Collection.

Oh nice! What does an ideal evening look like for you?

Dinner with close friends, by a fire, with good food…

So what’s next for you? Any cool projects or trips coming up that you don’t mind sharing with us?

I have a very special project in the works with a European company — I can’t say who just yet. Going to Milan next week for business and then heading out on a surfing meditation retreat in Nosara, Costa Rica, which couldn’t come any sooner.

And finally, what was your favorite part of making the catalog in Morocco?

The whole team was like family…everyone was so rad and easy…and everyone knew how special of a trip it was. A magical Moroccan adventure.

Thank you, Nick, for sharing your words and photographs with us. We’ll catch up soon!

… And now, from Nick’s vision of Morocco come to life, enjoy a video made exclusively for Free People by photographer Jason Lee Parry and videographer Kevin Castaheira. Models: Hana Jirickova, Marine Deleeuw, and Nick Fouquet. Hair by Luke Chamberlain. Makeup by Erin Lee Smith. Music by A. Taylor.

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