What is that restlessness that lies deep within our souls?

No matter where we are in life, I think we all feel it – we feel that burn deep within, that wildfire that is impossible to put out.  We get caught up in our daily routines and it flickers, it fades, but then? Out of nowhere, the slightest breeze feeds it new life and it grows, it spreads, it takes over our consciousness.  It manifests itself in different ways for everyone – for some, it pours out of the soul in the form of a painting, in watercolors splashed across canvas.  For others, it comes out as words, sentences that burn up the pages of a journal.  And for others still, it comes as a need to wander, to run – to chase after that glowing ember on the horizon.  Don’t give up the chase, for it’s this never-ending hunt that drives us through the most memorable moments of our lives.  Feed your inner wildfire, let it burn and light your way.

Above: Retro Print Swing Tunic, Sloane Felt Cowboy Hat, Mallow Thigh High.

Get the look: Be Nice Romper, Vintage Metal Stone Bangle, Spirit Ranch Boot.

Get the look: Tribal Embroidered Skort, Summer Straps Cami, Faithful Shaggy Jacket, Grandeur Over The Knee Boot, Embellished Band Brimmed Hat.

Get the look: Skyler Seamed Skinny, Galloon Lace Bra, Floral Keepsakes Kimono, Naja Necklace, Ella Hat, Viceroy Hip Belt.

Get the look: Skyler Seamed Skinny, Oversized Classic Buttondown, Silverton Leather Rancher, Viceroy Hip Belt.

Get the look: Alpaca Short Pullover Poncho, Silverton Leather Rancher, Oversized Classic Buttondown.

Get the look: Low Rise Relaxed Cutoff

Get the look: Another Is Waiting One Piece, Sloane Felt Cowboy Hat.

Get the look: Ruched Seamless Shorts, Side Cross Crop Bra, Flyaway Fringe Collar, Vegan Blazer, Mallow Thigh High, Grandeur Over The Knee Boot.

Get the look: Vintage Dress, Matador Hat.

Get the look: Fireworks Cardi, We The Free Kiss and Tell Tee, Mallow Thigh High, Spirit Ranch Boot.

Get the look: Greatest Hits Crop Top, Faithful Denim Skirt, Sloane Felt Cowboy Hat, Exaggerated Fringe Collar.

Get the look: Draped in Plaid Shirt, Everything Rosy Pencil Skirt, Mallow Thigh High, Spirit Ranch Boot, Silverton Leather Rancher.

Get the look: Raw Hem Denim Cutoff, Vintage Fringe Vest, Mallow Thigh High, Grandeur Over The Knee Boot.

Photography: Annie Edmonds

Hair/Makeup: Emily Nickrent

Model: Leila Goldkuhl

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