Wire Wrap Pendants Tutorial – 2 Hinged Cages and a Locket – Instant Download PDF File, Instructions by MyWiredImagination

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2 Hinged Cages and a Locket – wire wrapping tutorial by MyWiredImagination

*** This listing is for the guidelines making this piece of fashion jewelry, not the real pieces, products, or devices. ***

This tutorial teaches you step by action the best ways to produce a standard hinged cage, with or without beaded decorations. This is an incredibly flexible design to hold a favorite stone, maybe a love note, or a treasured trinket. Once it is on a chain, it is essentially impossible to come open by mishap.
As a bonus offer this tutorial also consists of 2 TOTAL step by action variations consisting of a crossed wire and locket style cage.
The owner of a local bead shop showed me the mechanics of the hinge, close to 15 years earlier. A really dear good friend of mine, Master Wire Employee Ed Sinclair, produced a published one in 1994. He has actually kindly provided me consent to share my variations of the standard cage and a crossed wire strategy that he established years ago.This is an

advanced level tutorial – it assumes you recognize with fundamental wire strategies and improvising when needed. It is 28 pages with 67 actions and over 100 crisp, clear pictures.

Don'' t be intimidated by the length and number of steps – This tutorial covers 3 COMPLETELY illustrated pieces. While this is a sophisticated level tutorial, intermediate wire employees with a strong structure of standard wire wrapping abilities can, with persistence, full this design.

Products suggested: For a standard Cage
– 40 inches (101.6 cm) 18 or 20 gauge round half-hard wire
– 9 inches (22.9 cm) 20 or 21 gauge square half- hard wire
Devices needed:
– Flat nose pliers
– Wide nylon jaw pliers
– Round nose pliers
– Flush Cutters
– Ruler (with millimeters)
– Pen knife
– Permanent marker (Sharpie)
– Round wood dowel (for shaping)

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