Wire Wrapped Jewelry Tutorial – Encasing Non Drilled Stone – Majestic Ring by EmiKaz

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Majestic Ring – Woven Wire Tutorial
Ever wonder how to make a bold and beautiful ring with non drilled stone. This advanced tutorial will guide wire artists to construct a ring by trapping any non drilled stone (cabochon, round, unruly cut or faceted with point back) with wire woven frame. As you become familiar with the techniques, you can change the design according to your style and even making the ring in less than an hour.

• 2 pieces of 18 gauge wire -25cm (9.8 “) each – dead soft
• 390cm (12.8 feet) of 26 gauge wire – dead soft
• 18 silver beads – 2mm in size
• 2 oxidized silver beads – 3 mm in size
• Non drilled stone – cabochon, unruly cut or faceted with point back

• Flat nose pliers
• Round nose pliers
• Chain nose pliers
• Cutter
• Nylon Jaw pliers (optional)
• Mandrel
• File
• Masking tape

No. of steps: 51
No of pages: 23
File Size: 1.88MB

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