Wolf Fox Dog Leather Mask in Lavender with pastels and brights very lightweight yet sturdy by teonova

89,00 USD FREE Priority SHIPPING in USA < br/ > Wolf, Pet dog or Fox … Half Face leather Mask … in stunning fantasy colors!

< br/ > Mask is made from hand molded and formed leather (each is distinct, and I do not use molds). It has actually been colored with both leather dyes and acrylic paints, and has a protective overcoat and a pair of collaborating ribbon ties with a little metal cable lock adjuster, makings the ribbons simple to secure. Mask also has a partial felt lining through the nose/ eyebrow area for added fit and convenience.
Mask is made from high quality leather. I work in light leather that accepts and holds comprehensive molding and forming, and is likewise easier to wear than much heavier leather masks

< br/ > unisex- for guys

or ladies ** If you’re wondering about mask quality, here’s an incredible review I just recently received from a kind customer …
& quot; < br/ > & quot; I received the mask, and I love it! It is of the greatest quality & craftsmanship, therefore gorgeous! Some other leather masks I’ve seen are either too stiff to be comfy, or the bits that stick up & out are not stiff sufficient and flop or fold over on themselves; your mask is perfect & does neither! It is very comfy to use & holds its shape completely, even holding on the wall. It fits both me and my husband, so it really is one-size-fits-all. It is a beautiful work of art! Thanks a lot & quot;& quot;!

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