Wood-Fired Glaze and Shino Mug by splitfirepottery

32,00 USD

Imagine your morning ritual of that very first cup of coffee with this comfortable to hold, well balanced mug that is fun to look at as well as feel in your hand. This handsome mug is constructed of stoneware clay that has actually been fired to cone 11 in my manabigama wood kiln. It has a fantastic radiance (micro crystalline advancement from sluggish cooling in a difficult brick kiln and ash from in between the pieces in front of it in the kiln.

I tossed and modified this mug on the wheel. This piece is approximately 3 3/4 & quot; high by 4 3/4 & quot; broad and holds 12oz.

This wood-fired mug would be a satisfaction to utilize and enjoy for many years to come and is food safe, dishwasher evidence and microwavable.

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