Wooden Ring with Diagonal Inlay / s (Bent Wood Method) by MnMWoodworks

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The pictured ring was made using Bamboo with diagonal inlays of Blue Mahoe, American Holly, and African Blackwood (from top to bottom). This listing is for a comparable ring customizeded to your size. It will certainly be made utilizing the & quot; & quot; bent wood technique & quot; for durability.
For those who are not acquainted with wooden rings, it is valuable to understand that there are two basic techniques for making them. I will call them the “block technique” and the “bent wood method.” The “block method” includes layering the various woods into a little block. Then, the hole is drilled out and the ring is formed from that. This is a relatively quick method of making rings, so I can do it fairly inexpensively. If done effectively, it still produces a good ring.

The “bent wood approach” involves taking thin strips of the main wood and heat/ steam flexing them into circles. These are then layered to themselves and the ring can be formed from that. When desired, a groove can be cut around the ring and other woods or perhaps crushed stone can be inlaid. This is a far more tiresome process and is a bit more costly. However, since the grain of the wood runs all the method around the ring, this approach produces a much more powerful ring.

If you are on a tight spending plan and are not preparing on using your wooden ring every day, the “block technique” may be the very best choice for you. However if this is going to be your wedding band and are intending on wearing it constantly, or if the expense is not an issue for you, I suggest the “bent wood method.” The included quality of the ring deserves the extra cost.
If you see a ring of mine that was made using the “block approach” and would like a comparable ring in the “bent wood technique” (or vice versa), let me know and I will certainly provide a listing for you to acquire.

When searching for a wooden ring and are uncertain which method was made use of, ask the seller so that you know what you are getting. This specific listing is for a & quot; & quot; bent wood & quot; ring. —————————————————————————————————————————– In order to secure the wood and guarantee a long life for the ring, I complete each of my rings with several coats of a Cyanoacrylate surface (basically a highly refined superglue). After checking various finishes, this is what I’ve discovered to be the most resilient and longest lasting. I am delighted to use a different finish upon request. If at any time, the surface on your ring ends up being damaged, just return the ring to me and I will refinish it for $ 3 (to cover the cost of shipping back to you).
US ring sizes usually vary from 1-15. If you do not understand your size, it is suggested that you go to any jewelry shop before ordering to get expertly sized. There are other approaches of determining available, however I have typically discovered them to be incorrect. Given that wooden rings can not be resized, it is necessary to obtain a precise measurement. Keep in mind that I can make rings in 1/4 and 1/2 sizes, as well.

Throughout checkout, there will certainly be an area where you can compose me a note. Just let me know there what size you will certainly be requiring, in addition to other modifications that you would like.
If after receiving your ring, you figure out that you require a different size, return the initial back to me and I will certainly make an exchange with you for $ 5, which covers my materials cost and shipping.
If you would love to consult with me before purchasing, kindly send me a message here on Etsy or email me at MnMWoodworks [At] gmail.com. I am always delighted to customize my rings for you, utilizing different woods or stones of your option.
My rings are thoroughly crafted and take a considerable quantity of time to make. Please permit one to 2 weeks for me to obtain your ring made and completed before shipping it out.
Each ring is made using products in their natural state. I use no dyes, discolorations, or other colorings. The colors you see in my rings are the colors that are found in nature and will commonly vary somewhat from ring to ring.

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