Wool Care Kit: 2 ounces of solid organic lanolin and a Sweater Brick for removing pills, lint and knots by rebourne

10,00 USD

This listing is for 2 ounces (57 g) of solid natural lanolin and one Sweater Brick. The lanolin is available in a metal tin. This is natural, pharmaceutical grade a.k.a. USP lanolin.
This 100 % Lanolin is produced from the wool of complimentary variety sheep raised in Australia.
The Sweater Brick is a natural method to preserve gorgeous woolies. It is used in a mild brushing motion. It carefully grabs the flaws in the wool, resulting in a like-new appearance. These are particularly useful for tablets on wools that have an angora material.
Why not choose a plastic-free, battery-free way of looking after your wool (and other knit items in your house)?

Lanolin can be used for a number of things, however here I will highlight its significance in wool diaper covers and the most green way of cloth diapering: wool.
In order to carry out to their greatest potential, your wool cloth diaper covers and soakers will require to be lanolized. This ought to happen every 1-2 months, depending on how frequently you use your wool item, and if you’re using them over night or throughout the day.
When your cover is maintaining a urine smell, it is time to wash it. If you like to lanolize each time you wash, you can do so. I choose to lanolize every couple of washings.
First, clean the product in a lanolin-rich wool wash, I suggest Eucalan. Then lanolize your cover

Here are my guidelines: https://rebourneclothing.wordpress.com/rebourne-wool-care-information/

Lanolin: For external usage just.

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