Wool roving color assortment, needle felting, pick your own colors of roving, over 40 colors to choose from, 12 colors 1/2 each for 6 ounces by CurlyFurr

16,50 USD

Right here is a great way to include many shades to your needle felting products and save a little cash too.

Select your very own color assortment!! Choose up to 12 colors – 1/2 ounce each – for a total of 6 ounces! You select any combination – 12 individual 1/2 ounce tones (or any combination of sizes to equal 6 ounces). Leave your color choices in the notes to seller.

This is commercially prepared in variegated and heather tones as well as solids. The color options are revealed in the last 4 photos – I have 46 tones offered. This wool has a different structure (courser and longer fibers) than my hand colored Wooly Buns and it is exceptional for needle felting, damp felting and spinning.

See all of the roaming that I carry:


Here is the connect to my hand dyed Wooly Buns:


Можно available at Etsy for CurlyFurr