Working 1930s Roxy Austrian Windproof Pocket Lighter by LuminousWhatnots

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Manufactured in Vienna during the mid 1930s, this Austrian automatic squeeze-type pocket lighter was designed in 1935 by Alois Kaufmann. Similar to Regens and Ready lighters (also designed by Kaufmann), the Roxy is a more refined model that incorporates a proto-steampunk, hinged wind guard that can be raised and lowered independent of the snuffer. Made of brass and steel, this model features a chrome finish with an efflorescent design on both sides of the body.

Though its chrome finish is well-worn, this Roxy has been fully serviced and lights reliably for regular use. Just firmly squeeze the rear side of the lighter body to light, then release to extinguish the flame. Unlike the Regens, the Roxy’s self contain wick and fuel chamber is not designed to be easily removed. To refuel, raise the wind guard the top and adding fluid to the reservoir surrounding its wick (see photo # 5). Here is a translated description from the manufacturer (hence the awkward wording):

& quot; CONSTRUCTION: Simple, elegant, never failing. A pressure – and it burns; released – it is extinguished. Long burning capacity. By removing the two screw-rivets you can easily take the lighter to pieces. Most efficacious, movable windscreen. In lifting it, the flame is enlarged (to light the pipe or for lighting purposes.

FILLING: Open the lighter, extinguish the flame, liftup the wind-screen; drop ordinary petrol into the opening around the wick until the cotton absorbs no more. Shake off any surplus petrol that may remain in the hole. Do not use refined petrol or automobile gasoline, as this would reduce the burning capacity. Should through careless filling the stone or wheel get wet, allow them to get dry before using the lighter. & quot;

This Roxy will be shipped with a new Zippo flint and without fluid. I’ve provided high quality photos to offer the best preview of this vintage windproof Austrian pocket lighter, taking care to clearly show its condition I’ve described above. Please take a look and feel free to ask any questions.

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