Working 1940s French Windproof Pocket Lighter With Ostrich Leather Covering by LuminousWhatnots

58,00 USD< p class="description"> This French windproof pocket lighter is unbranded; it was most likely manufactured in Paris by Polaire throughout the late 1940s or early ’50s. This model uses a flip-up snuffer with a separately hinged wind guard, a distinctly French windproof design presented in the 1930s. Usually the windguard snaps down into place, as presented to in picture # 1, obscuring the file wheel and wick. It can also be raised to easily light a pipeline or hooka. Though a more advanced design, this vintage French lighter works similar to contemporary windproof lighters. Flip open the snuffer to expose the wick, then strike the brass double thumb wheel to light. Just close the snuffer to snuff out the flame. Eliminate the outer case to replace the flint and add fluid (see photo # 5).

Made from brass, this Polaire was in good stimulating condition when I acquired it, though its outer case was ruined from negligent storage. I’ve installed a brand-new wick, cleaned and polished the mechanism to guarantee this Polaire works dependably for routine usage. Once serviced, I hand covered the body using a brilliant green ostrich-grained leather covering. This vintage French pocket lighter will be shipped with a brand-new flint and without lighter fluid. I have actually offered top quality pictures to provide the very best preview of this refurbished Polaire, taking care to reveal its lightly distressed condition with vivid detail.

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