You Pick 8 Piece Caramel Sampler by FusionSweets

< p class="price" > 8,98 USD Not sure which of our soft velvety caramels are your favorite? Here’s a great possibility to try numerous tastes in bite size amounts. Each sampler consists of 8 pieces of premium caramels prepared in little batches.

Choose any combination of the following tastes for a total of 8 pieces. Just leave a note on your billing. For example: & quot; & quot; 2 pieces vanilla, 6 pieces french sea salt & quot;&

quot;. Bourbon Vanilla French Sea Salt
Bacon Sea Salt
Thai Habanero Spicy Ginger< br/ > Each 0.5 oz. piece is separately covered and identified. A 0.5 oz. piece is about 1 & quot; & quot; x1 & quot;. x1/ 2 & quot;, the ideal size for one chewy bite

———————— Exactly what do our customers need to say about our Britanny design salted butter caramels?

yum, yum, yum, yum. these might be the very best thing I have actually tasted all year. – MrKittysSoapShop

< br/ > Highly delicious! My manwife loved the spicy caramels, and I am now in love with the chocolate mint. Pretty and tasty! – Fuzzybunny

These are fantastic. The butter does not work versus the taste of the caramels but rather as a subtle pang of support and range. The flavors are not frustrating, nor are they too sweet to consume. Each flavor has something remarkable to rave about. The texture is also very smooth and great. Even when they remain in the refrigerator, they still keep a component of softness, unlike numerous other caramels. I truly like these. Thanks a lot for making perfect treats. – Vahnm

< br/ > I gave these to my mother who likes lavender anything. She gobbled them up quickly and believed they were scrumptious. – SoulyStonesLite
————————– * Great as presents
, gifts, and as favors for birthday parties, bridal showers, and wedding events *

We include handwritten notes totally free of charge, simply remember to leave a & quot; & quot; note to the seller & quot; & quot; when you have a look at. Do you have 2 left thumbs and require your order present covered? Our candies are present prepared, but we can include an unique touch with wrapping paper, custom-made note, and ribbon for $ 3, just send me a message!

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