Your Choice of Organic Spices in Magnetic Jars (1.5 oz) Hand-Stamped with Spice Names. Personalized Holiday Gift. Free Shipping. by GneissSpice

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Select your very own set of spices!!! Highlights:
-: – Little (1.5 oz) hexagon magnetic jars with hand-stamped lids
-: – Your choice of natural spices
-: – Your choice of silver, gold or black hand -stamped lids
-: – Internal food-safe magnet cap keeps spices and magnets different
-: – FREE Shipping USA (affordable international shipping)
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An unanticipated and special housewarming, college graduation or wedding gift … or gift for yourself. With spices in sight, you’ll use them more frequently, dishing up fantastic tasty food. This set of organic spices come in magnetic jars that are recyclable for future spices. Hexagonal shape fits together producing a spice-colored honeycomb pattern on your fridge. Strong neodymium magnets will keep jars from sliding. Internal licensed food-safe magnet cap creates an obstacle in between the magnets and spices. Covers form an airtight lock, keeping spices fresh. Covers are hand-stamped with spice names.

Small 1.5 oz. containers measure 1.75 “wide by 2” tall.

Your option of natural and sustainably harvested herbs and spices from Mountain Rose Herbs. Utilize the list listed below to make your spice selections and list options during checkout:
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– all-purpose (Herb & spice blend, no salt)
– allspice (ground)
– allspice (entire seeds)
– anise (whole seeds)
– annatto (ground)
– arrowroot (powder)
– basil
– bay leaf
– bay (seafood flavoring, much like Old Bay Spice)
– berbere (Spicy Ethiopian rub, no salt, use for grilling, barbecuing, pan-frying, base for stew)
– birdseye chili (while chilies, hot/ manage with care)
– cajun (herbs and spice spices, contains salt)
– caraway (whole seeds)
– cardamom (entire coverings)
– cardamom (ground)
– caribbean (zesty herb mix, no salt)
– catnip
– cayenne (35,000 HU, ground chili peppers)
– celery (whole seeds)
– celery salt (good base for vegetable dishes, soups)
– chaat masala (tangy Indian condiment, extremely salty)
– chervil
– chili (medium roasted, ground chili peppers)
– chili/ red pepper (flakes)
– chili/ red pepper (smoked flakes)
– chili (powder flavoring blend, consists of salt)
– chinese 5 spice (Southeast Asia blend for poultry, pan-fried foods, no salt)
– chipotle (ground)
– chives
– cilantro
– cinnamon (cassia/ conventional & quot; & quot; spicy & quot; range
, 1″ sticks )- cinnamon(cassia/ conventional & quot; & quot; spicy & quot; variety, chips )- cinnamon (cassia/ conventional & quot; & quot; spicy & quot; range, ground)- cinnamon (ceylon/ real & quot; & quot; sweet & quot; variety, ground
)- clove (ground)
– clove (whole)
– coriander (ground)
– coriander (seed)
– cream of tartar
– cumin (ground)
– cumin (seed)
– curry (light yellow curry mix, no salt, fantastic as all-purpose curry blend)
– dill (seed)
– dill (weed)
– epazote
– fennel (ground)
– fennel (whole)
– fenugreek (ground)
– fenugreek (whole)
– fines (fresh French herb mix, excellent with eggs!)
– galangal (powder)
– garam masala
– garlic (granules)
– garlic (minced)
– garlic pepper (flavoring, contains salt)
– garlic salt
– ginger (powder)
– greek (herb seasoning, no salt)
– barbecuing (no salt rub)
– herbs de provence (fragrant French herb blend)
– hibiscus (flower petals)
– Italian (herbs, no salt, fantastic for pasta sauce and pizza)
– lavender
– lemon (peel granules)
– lemongrass
– lemon pepper (seasoning, includes salt)
– marjoram
– mesquite (smoky, bbq spices, includes salt, use as grill rub, marinade for meat)
– mint
– montreal (steak, pork and potatoes spices, contains salt)
– mustard (brown, seeds)
– mustard (ground, yellow)
– mustard (yellow, seeds)
– nutmeg (ground)
– nutmeg (whole)
– onion (flakes)
– onion (granules)
– onion salt
– oregano
– oregano (ground, Mexican range)
– panch phoron (Indian five-spice blend, toast and use whole)
– paprika
– paprika (smoked)
– parsley
– pepper (broken, black pepper)
– pepper (whole, black peppercorns)
– pepper (whole, smoked black peppercorns)
– pepper (finely ground, white pepper)
– pizza (spices)
– poppy (seed)
– poultry (flavoring)
– pumpkin (pie spice seasoning)
– quatre epices (four spice French blend for soups/ pot dishes)
– ras el hanout (Moroccan blend, “finest of the store,” use as meat rub, stir in rice)
– red pepper/ chili (flakes)
– red pepper/ chili (smoked flakes)
– rosemary
– sage
– seasoning salt (all purpose seasoned salt)
– sesame (tan seeds)
– sesame (black seeds)
– star anise (whole)
– steak (rub)
– sumac (ground)
– summertime tasty
– szechuan (whole peppercorns)
– taco
– tandoori
– tarragon
– thai curry
– thyme
– turmeric (ground)
– vindaloo curry (hot curry for lamb or chicken)
– west indies (spicy warm curry flavor for meat rub, stir-fry)
– white pepper (finely ground)
– za’atar (Middle-Eastern flavoring, mix with oil and coat pita/ pizza, dip bread)

– alderwood (fine or extra-coarse, smoked)
– applewood (flaky, smoked)
– balsamic (infused completing salt)
– chardonnay oak (mild smoked)
– chili verde (infused salt)
– chipotle (instilled salt)
– curry (instilled salt)
– cyprus (flaky sea salt)
– espresso (instilled salt)
– fleur de sel (wet, off-white, medium-fine, france)
– garlic (roasted infused salt)
– ginger (instilled salt)
– habanero (instilled salt)
– hawaii (red, fine)
– hickory (smoked)
– india (“kala namak” or “black salt” in India, pink-gray, powdery, sulfur odor)
– italy (bright white, medium)
– lava (charcoal infused)
– maine (medium-fine, moist, mineral-rich Atlantic sea salt)
– maple (natural Vermont maple syrup)
– mayan (wet, white, medium)
– nepal (fine or extra-coarse, pink Himalayan mineral-rich salt)
– peru (wet, light pink, medium)
– provence (tamise french sea salt blended with herbes de provence spices)
– rosemary (instilled salt)
– salish (fine or coarse grained, alderwood smoked, pacific sea salt)
– sea salt (kosher flakes, california)
– sea salt (extra-coarse, california)
– sel gris (medium, moist, france)
– sriracha (infused salt)
– tomato (infused salt)
– vanilla (instilled salt)
– velvet de guerande (gray, very thin/ buttery, france)

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