Zombie Repellent Goat Milk Soap, handmade Goat Milk, Halloween, black cherry, Cold Process , olive oil , sensitive skin, unisex, EcoFriendly by deltamoonsoap

6,25 USD

Little known fact; Zombies are repelled by Black Cherry soap! This soap smells like a basket of fresh juicy black cherries, guaranteed to keep the zombies away! For best results, use it every day! ! People always want to eat this one, although we don't recommend it 🙂 Get one for a friend too, gotta keep them safe too!

Each 4.5 ounce, long lasting bar is made in the
centuries old "cold Process method" with Olive Oil, Goat Milk and Honey!

We use goat milk for it's creamy lather and gentle nature. It makes the pH of the soap much closer to our own natural pH, so it's very mild for sensitive skin.

We're happy to tuck a couple of samples into each order for you too!

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