1 Inch Circle Vintage Fairy Angel Nymph Children Goddess Set 5 Images Digital Collage Sheet for Scrapbooking Pendant Jewelry by ForgottenOtter

2,75 USD

☞ Vintage Fairy Angel Nymph Kid and Goddess Set 5 ☜

1 Inch Circle Size images including
the finest choices of timeless artwork including
fairies, angels, nymphs, mermaids and goddesses and children.

Artists featured in the series:
Arthur Rackham; Walter Crane; Falero_luis; Franz Dvorak; Franz Von Stuck; Hilda Hechle; John Atkinson Grimshaw; Louis Prang; Charles Robinson; MT Ross; Raphael Kirchner; Duncan Carse; Nikolaos Gyzis; Ida Rentoul Outhwaite; Sophie Anderson; Richard Doyle; Burne-Jones; Gustave Moreau; Waterhouse; Paul Bertho; Sergei Slomko; Walter Crane; Henri Pierre Picou; Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres; Bougereau; Herbert James Draper; and more.
(21) images repeated (3) times

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Sent to you as (1) 8.5 x 11 Sheet (Jpeg)
If you need a different format
please let me know in message to seller
sometimes of purchase.

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These images are created in 300Dpi
for the crispest cleanest best quality
for printing.

You might make use of these images to print over
and over on paper, card stock, sticker sheets,
fabrics, or anything you desire for individual
or company functions.

All the images you see are in public
domain or developed by the ForgottenOtter personnel.

If you have a concern kindly
convo me and I’ll be happy to assist.

-Opi the Otter

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