Tarot Sew on Back Patch-es Mature Religion (0) Fool Occult Divination Rider Waite Deck Major Arcana BW B / W Giclée Art Print FREE S / h MbG by Crafterssupplies

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A Place For You On the planet Of Imagination: I MAGI COUNTRY

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This image conj-ours up much imagery figuratively and actually. It is an excellent work of art in a lifetime discovery of one’s location in this universe.


Giclée works of art make terrific connections to what you appreciate, and for whom you care to share with, and produces a small expression to the individual you are.

Choose the Image Size and the border is a 1/4 & quot; & quot;(One-quarter inch) approximately size 4 x 5, and for image size larger the fabric border is half & quot; & quot;(One-half inch), so include this to the total patch measurements. The spot is backed with interfacing and reduces fraying. This handcrafted product is durable but thin adequate to be hand attached onto your garment. Do not sew? Do not stress. Craft in other methods. Matte by installing to strong cardboard, frame it, tack it to the wall as a material poster, sewn into an ornamental pillow, quilt, coat for the garment market, or embellishes arts and crafts jobs.

Ravish All Occasion art fashion design best for your next clothes attire or for your image framing craft task of this printed easy-to-sew-on handmade spot. No minimums needed. One price postage Free shipping in USA or Decreased postage discount to All over else. Easy to wash. Cash back warranty.

ZOOM photo for image height-to-width ratio. PICK A SIZE (making use of right-hand column) feature above Overview. Image size is an approximate, proportional, estimate.

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Take advantage of your self creativity: For customized work email me image link or upload custom ready-to-print art work for no added charges, no minimum needed. Image Sizing is based on multiples per page and by selecting 8 & quot; & quot; X 10 & quot; art image (approximate, proportional, quote) you get the most up to 8.25 inches broad or 10.75 inches tall (approximate, proportional, quote). Custom-made order at your ready.

Determine Imperial measurement: 2.54 centimeters equals 1 inch.


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Tarot Sew on Back Patch-es Mature Religion (0) Fool Occult Divination Rider Waite Deck Major Arcana BW B / W Giclée Art Print FREE S / h MbG by Crafterssupplies