100 2ml Glass Bottles with Corks USA SHIPPING by LynnsCreativeOutlet

59,99 USD

Fill them with good things !! Seal it !! And your ready to wear, decorate, display them.

Bottle: 1 1/4 “x 1/2” (33mm X 13mm)
Bottle Opening: 1/4 & quot; (7mm)
Cork: 5/16 “x 5/16” (8mm)

Capacity: 2 ml

These ridiculously cute bottles are brimming with possibilities! You can fill them with various materials, use them to make pendants, magnets, or ornaments. Take them with you to the beach to collect tiny shells and sand from your trip, fill them with glitter (or fairy dust), keep your children’s baby teeth in them. Think tiny and have fun!

Bottle up the pool water for a swim team and gave each of them this as a gift.

Fill them up with the sand from your wedding and give them to each of your guests.

Fill them with soy sauce for the oriental dinner you have planed.

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