100% cashmere yarn, 80 yards Baby PINK, strawberry Ice reclaimed Cashmere sweater yarn by SentimentalValu

7,00 USD

Pure Cashmere is the utmost yarn experience! You can knit or crochet with cashmere right now with this 100 % cashmere yarn made from an up-cycled J.Jill sweatshirt. This is top-notch yarn! If you are not kindlied with this yarn I will happily accept it back and reimburse your cash!

1 skein 80 lawns
Sport weight
about 12 WPI
.9 oz or about 25 gr

This listing is for one hank, although a number of are revealed in one image.
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This is a glamorous, incredibly soft, sweet child pink, pure cashmere yarn. It has is small heather, which you can see if you look carefully at the last image. This was part of the initial yarn.

To produce this springy yarn, I plied * 4 * hairs of 2 ply yarn on my spinning wheel. Hand spinning recovered yarn includes twist back in to it. When you get recovered yarn from me, it rarely has knots in a skein. That’s since I ply each individual thread from the initial sweater into a brand new yarn.

I have actually attempted to precisely represent the color in the pictures however all screens vary; please keep this in mind when choosing your yarn.

My yarn goes through quite a process to obtain all set for you. First it is deciphered, then plied, cleaned, hung to dry. Contributing to the unique character of your handmade product, reclaimed yarn may have a periodic small blemish.

All my sweaters are purchased at regional thrift stores, supporting local charities and the regional economy. Making use of reclaimed and up cycled yarns is eco friendly and decreases the manufacture of brand-new products.

Kindly contact me if you have any questions, or special requests.


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