12 Nyatoh Wood Skull Beads by artdawgs

9,99 USD ♥ 12 Nyatoh Wood Skull Beads in a zip bag. Beads are about 12 to 14mm tall and about 11mm large. Beading hole is about 3mm large and runs from leading to bottom.

< br/ > Nyatoh wood is a gorgeous tight grain wood
that strongly resembles a cross between Cherry wood and Teak.
Grown in the Malaysian rainforest,
this gorgeous wood is presently not illegal to harvest.

These spectacular beads are individually hand carved.
Design & tone will differ a little from bead to wonderful bead.

Usage these splendid, breathtaking, little masterpieces
in your distinctive precious jewelry projects or create something thrilling
with these extraordinary treasures as the center piece.

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