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Santa’s Christmas Hats

Playing dress up whether it be on yourself, your home or your nails, is always fun! Today’s nail art is simply a cute little Santa face for the accent nail accompanied by Christmas hats. It’s very simple to do for yourself. Let me show you how 🙂 Tutorial: Start off with a neutral base color like Essence nude glam in Peaches and cream, 2 coats. Using a red color like Seche Signature paint over the neutral base colour from the top stopping about 1/3 way down. Using a white acrylic paint and dotting tool, place big white dots to the edge of the red. Continue with the white dots from the edge of the nail bed moving upwards to represent his beard. Connect the two sets of dots to the side for his side burns Black dots and nose to complete his face, all sealed in with a top coat. Dell’amore e Della Bellezza XoXo Find me on Instagram, BlogLovin, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google +