16 holiday Wreaths pine cones ideas

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Burlap Pine-cone Christmas Wreath

MAKE or BUY? I always have to do a price comparison before making that decision. I saw a super darling Christmas wreath at AC Moore the other for day for $50. FIFTY DOLLARS! On sale, it was $25. But still. That was a bit much. After all, I wanted to be able to decorate my dining room and living room and NOT just my front door. After looking through the store and combining sales, I found that I could MAKE the same wreath for $11. Hallelujah! So today – MAKE – was the winner! I started by organizing supplies. Grapevine Wreath Pine-cones Red Berries Christmas tree Sprigs/Sprays 1/2 yard of Burlap Hot Glue Gun Scissors Wire cuttersI cut the burlap into 3 inch squares. Some of the squares started to fray, but that was OK. Gave it more of that rustic look. This next part was a bit tricky. As I cut the sprigs into little chunks, I quickly realized I needed to pull the needles away from the scissors. Some of my first sprigs look like I gave the pine needles a buzz cut! To create a more natural look, I pulled the needles in the opposite direction and then cut. Some will still get snipped and some pine needles will come out of the wire when you cut them, but that is OK!I carefully spaced the pine-cones around the wreath and hot glued them in place. You could also use floral wire.I glued a sprig in the center of each burlap square. The next step was fun! I pinched the burlap and sprig combo, put hot glue on the back, and nestled it into the grapevine wreath.Looking good! Once I used all the burlap squares with tree sprigs, I filled in the gaps with 3 inch burlap squares that did not have sprigs. I pinched them in the center, applied a bit of hot glue, and nestled them in the gaps. Definitely made it look a lot more full! And now for the final step. The berries! I twisted them in groups of 3 and evenly placed them around the wreath, securing each set with a bit of hot glue.Not bad for only spending $11! I love how it turned out! Its rustic, simple, and oh-so-cute! Hanging this beauty up now!Have fun making your house a home!

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16 holiday Wreaths pine cones ideas