16 plants Painting wallpaper ideas

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Hand Painted Tropical Plants Palm Wallpaper, Huge Leaf with a Bird Wall Mural, Rainforest Tropical Plants Leaf Wall Murals

Hand Painted Tropical Plants Palm Wallpaper, Huge Leaf with a Bird Wall Mural, Rainforest Tropical Plants Leaf Wall Murals -   16 plants Painting wallpaper ideas

A.Peel and stick wallpaper. 1. We have added a new type of wallpaper, peel and stick, which is much easier for you to apply to your wall. 2.There is also about 2cm overlap and you need to cut them and just peel and stick and then apply to the wall. 3.We will cut in several panels if your wall height or width is over 1.1 or 1.5 meter and it depends on the country you are from. 4.Peel and stick can only use to glass surface, painted wall, ceramic surface, wood surface, plastic plate surface and smooth wall and cannot use to uneven wall or dull polish wall. B. Traditional wallpaper,( seamless and join panels), which needs use wallpaper glue. 1.PPls Note! Mural is non self-adhesive.the price is the price for 1 square meters,please measure the wall width and height,then to order correct quantity. 2.How to order the mural? Step1:Measuring the width and height of the wall. Step2:Calculated wall area (width × height),then order the correct quantity. Step3:Click buy now,and tell us your wall width and height in your order message. E.g., If your wall’s size is 4.16 m width and 2.75 m height, so 4.16m × 2.75m=11.44 square meter ( fill the quantity 12 for your order). 3.FAQ A.What is this wall paper? This is the photo wallpaper,. Mural wallpaper. Wall mural. Not wallpaper rolls. Not a poster. Not wall stickers. B. How do i know the size of the photo wallpaper? This is a custom wallpaper. Not 10m length and 0.53m width wallpaper rolls C. How to paste this wallpaper? Paste it. With the same wallpaper rolls. It needs adhesive paste. D. How to order the size of the main picture? We need the wall size, height and width and please tell us your information. 4. How to work: Tools for installation: Please prepare these tools before sticking: strong sticky/adhesive glue, water bucket, utility knife,metallic tape,roller brush,brush,strike-off board and sponge How to stick: First Step: Prepare for all tools,clean wall,open wall sticker,using a little heavy stuff to press wall sticker’s corners, the time is about 30 mins. Second Step: To check wall sticker’s size, appearance, meaure wall’s size, usually, this work is done before buying wall sticker, so the size will be good, usually, buyers will buy a little more size than actual size to have more room. Third Step: The work needs two persons to finish, putting wall stickers to the wall and using pencial to make mark on the sticker to know where the extra room needed to cut when sticking later. Fourth Step: Putting about 1kg sticky rice glue with 4-5 L water inside bucket, stirring well, after 10 mins, stirring it again. Then using roller brush or brush brushing glue on the wall, then next step is sticking wall stickers, please do it gently and slowly, using strike-off board to press extra glue foam if there is. Using sponge to suck extra water and metallic tape and utility knife to cut extra edge. Fifth Step: After finishing all work, leaving wall stickers dry by itself, about 48-72 hours. During this time, please don’t open the door, open airconditioner and give too much sunshine exposed. Thank you!

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16 plants Painting wallpaper ideas