16g black Glass plugs Body Jewelry 16 gauge by azhotshop

17,00 USD

Handmade glass body jewelry.

Plugs are huge gauge earrings intended to be worn in extended ear piercings.

They are sold as pairs unless otherwise kept in mind.

I make all of this fashion jewelry in my little glass shop in Northern Arizona. It is made from the greatest quality of Italian Glass. I have been making this style of jewelry since 1999.

All my fashion jewelry is made with care by hand and kiln hardened for durability. They come in their own round jewel box and consist of o-rings for a protected fit

NOTE: I attempt to properly represent my glass colors; however there may be some variation when viewed with different displays.

* AZhotshop and the artists who make our products hold no claims of liability or duty for the care and treatment of our fashion jewelry after purchase. Although your fashion jewelry will be new and clean it is encouraged that you always clean your hands and the precious jewelry with a mild soap and water when handling your piercings. Glass can break if put under tension or dropped so always manage with care. Please purchase and use precious jewelry at your own discretion. Thank you for supporting our item.

★ ☆ Please examine back as I am frequently listing new colors! ☆ ★

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