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Customer Photos - PVC projects -   18 diy Muebles pvc ideas

One of the best and simplest storage solutions is plastic totes (bins). These tubs are lightweight and stackable, which makes them ideal containers for seasonal decorations and other knick-knacks. The problem with totes is that they often end up stacked indiscriminately in the garage or shed, and it can be hard to find an efficient way to stack them. You may need an item from the tote at the bottom of the stack and have to move all the other totes to get to that one item which is a hassle and can be difficult for someone with back or joint problems. To make organization and storage of plastic totes easy, use this DIY PVC tote storage organizer. This project will show you how to make a system of PVC “shelves” that can be adjusted and customized to your particular needs. Because no two totes are the same, the measurements we use may not be right for you. Be sure to measure your totes before cutting any pipe for this DIY garage storage system. You can easily change the measurements to your liking! If you make this DIY PVC storage and then purchase a tote that is too big for it, you have the ability to deconstruct individual sections of the shelving and reconstruct it to your liking. We got the idea for this project from Kelsey, whose original blog post can be found here. Continue reading →

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