1883 Bison Vintage Print, Antique Engraving, Black and White, Brehm by CarambasVintage

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A vintage print of aa group of bisons. The source of this old inscription is Brehm’s & quot; & quot; Life of Animals & quot;& quot;. Drawing by by Gustav Mutzel, one of the illustrators of the 2nd edition of Brehm’s Tierleben. It was released in Barcelona, Spain in 1883

Size of the plate: 12 & quot; & quot; by 8 & quot
; approx. Size of & quot; the image: 8.2 & quot; by 5.2 & quot; approx.

In exceptional condition. The image is clear. Blank on the back.

This is an initial engraving from the 1883 book, not a reproduction.

Set of 3 prints from Alfred Brehm’s books:

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