1917 Set of silverplate flatware offered in 1927 Sears catalog by ARTCPACKRAT

10,99 USD

27 pcs. – 6 grapefruit, 6 serving and 6 teaspoons, 4 knives (+ 2 odd ones in rough shape), butter knife, and 6 forks. The last pic is an advertisement from my reproduction 1927 Sears catalog for this set. My Granny got wed in about 1926 due to the fact that my Papa was born in 1927. The pattern is called Lincoln. I’m keeping the child spoon shown in advertisement. The 2 odd knives may be silver over steel
because it is rusting under the plating. The rest remain in great useful shape. The small gravy spoon goes w/ another set. It is also marked WM ROGERS & SON AA.

Можно buy on Etsy for ARTCPACKRAT