2 Rolls D670 Double Sided Fillet Tape for Lining Hair Clips and Much More – 36 yards each roll by DIYSupplyStore

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2 Rolls D670 Double Sided Fillet Tape perfect for lining hair clips (clips are not included) and so much more. Here it is, look no further …. this tape is taking the craft world by storm. No more burned fingers, glue oozing out of the bottle or glue strings all over the place. The tape is made in the USA for the picture framing business and is used for the permanent bonding and assembly of metals, glass, composites and plastics. It is a clear polypropylene film double coated with high tack acrylic adhesive. It is resistant to moisture, heat and humidity making it the perfect tape for lining hair clips. Works like any double sided tape. One side is sticky, top side has paper covering. Cut a piece the length of your ribbon. Place the sticky side down the center of your ribbon strip, remove the paper and attach the ribbon to the clip just as you would if using glue … ribbon goes on perfectly, no lumps, bumps, burned fingers or oozing glue … You are going to love this tape. Bonds instantly but cures completely in 24 hours. Can also be used as a backing for just about any craft, marabou puffs, stack flower petals, layers of ribbon. Roll is a 1/4 & quot; wide by 36 yards. In stock, ships immediately.

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