20g beringed– custom single earring or nose ring– primitive series– handmade by thebeadedlily by thebeadedlily

20,00 USD This little handformed ring is 20g and is beringed with 3 cold-forged curls. It’s catchless and flattened on one end, which keeps the rings from moving off. You bend it open, slide it in, flex it closed. It is an appropriate thickness for standard lobe piercings.

Stunning and comfortable!

< br/ > Select your metal and inner size from the fall menus and select little ringlets at check out. If no note is made I’ll amaze you

Shown: Image 2: Sterling silver with goldfill Image 3: Goldfill with brass, silver and copper
Picture 4: Niobium with copper, brass and goldfill
Picture 5: sterling silver with sterling silver

Designed Image Courtesy of:
Aude Vuillemin https:// www.audevuillemin.com/

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Please permit slight variations due to the handcrafted nature of this product.

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