25Q – 25 pc SUNSET RED Textured Circles – Ceramic Mosaic Tile Set by TinkerTiles

17,25 USD


Right here is another FAN-TABULOUS set of hand cut & stamped reptile scales, bubbles, swirls, wavies and dots; all in a wonderfully pretty SUNDOWN RED. These pieces are AWESOME; glossy and shiny; anything you’re dealing with would look better with these really pretty tiles as background pieces. You’ll never find this beautiful tile coloring at your local home center, or anything like it even. If you’re intending on a house rejuvenation task or simply some quite mosaic items to decorate your house space, you can depend upon my tiles giving you that extra color & motion you need.

Stock up now while your choice is best. You never ever know when you’ll wish to get busy dealing with something remarkable, and mosaics make REMARKABLE presents.

I always aim to make new and different products and patterns, so everybody can have a massive option of products that fuel your imagination!

SIZING: ** Please refer to the last two photographs for specific sizing on any tile; I constantly consist of a minimum of one picture with a ruler near the item so you can judge the scale. **

Thanks extremely much for looking, and Delighted Shopping!

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